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Long Exposure Calculators for iPhone and iPad

Long Exposure Calculators application for iPhone and iPad

I'm happy to present my Long Exposure Calculators iPad and iPhone app that is available for download on the App Store.

LExp or Long Exposure Calculators is an iPhone and iPod touch application and it is a collection of different calculators and cheat sheets (including well known and quite popular ND Filters cheat sheets) created to help photographer with shooting long exposures with Neutral Density (ND) filters, in low light and at night.

Application includes:

  • Neutral Density ND Filters Reference Charts / Cheat Sheets;
  • Calculator for stacking Neutral Density (ND) Filters;
  • Calculator for Graduated Neutral Density GND Filters;
  • Shooting Flowing Water Reference Charts / Cheat Sheets;
  • Shooting Fireworks Reference Charts / Cheat Sheets;
  • Calculator for shooting under Moonlight;
  • Calculator for shooting star-trails with visual simulation;
  • Calculator for shooting still/non-moving stars;
  • Calculator for Velvia 50 reciprocity failure;
  • Useful resources and links on low-light and night photography;
  • iPhone 5 with 4" Retina display support;
  • Reset or keep calculators' previous input values every time you access calcs;
  • Copy calculators' input values and results to the clipboard.
Built-in Timer: Some calculators have built-in timer for your convenience. It is automatically enabled when your exposure is 30 seconds or more.

Additional Info: Almost every calculator has some additional information about filters, used formulas, techniques etc. If a calculator is just a table than additional info is located below the table.

Sample screenshots of the Long Exposure Calculators iPhone and iPod touch application

If you have something to add and think it could be valuable for others please contact me. I'll review and hopefully add it in the next release of this app. If you found any incorrect information or a bug or have a suggestion then please contact me as well.

QR Code for quick access to Long Exposure Calculators App on the App Store:

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