Miyajima Deer, Miyajima, Honshu, Japan

Tourist Photographing a Miyajima Deer, Miyajima, Honshu, Japan

Deer is a symbol of Miyajima and you can see them elegantly wondering around the island everywhere. It is believed that there lived deer around 6000 years ago when the Miyajima Island was formed. Deer is believed to be a messenger of the gods in Shinto (Japanese native religion). Therefore, they are treated very well by the locals and are not scared with human.

Miyajima Deer, Miyajima, Honshu, Japan

Be careful as deer harassing tourists for food. In the past, waffle-like wafers and pellets could be bought to feed them. However, a feeding ban is now in place, which has led to declining numbers – and increased boldness among the remaining deer, who are willing to root in around bags or backpacks for food (even while said bags are being worn). They literally can steal and eat almost anything they can reach – your lose cloths, plastic bags, camera straps, tickets, maps and passport. Miyajima deer are harmless, but sometimes very annoying. Especially when you are having lunch.

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Miyajima 宮島, Honshu 本州, Japan 日本国

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  • Susan - November 26, 2009 - 11:08 am

    Actually, I am very worried about the deer on Miyajima Island. The deer are becoming bold because they are starving to death…the ban on feeding means that many of the deer cannot get enough food, and they have been forced to eat plastic or anything else that they can find. There have also been reports of residents harassing the deer recently, so I don’t think the deer are treated very well by locals anymore. Perhaps the locals find the deer a nuisance to live with, and don’t know what else to do about it. But, there is a kind and effective solution to this problem! Find more information at http://miyajimanosinjitu.web.fc2.com/
    Please sign the petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/save-starving-miyajima-deer-in-japan
    The deer are a charming part of Miyajima island, and we should help to protect them.
    Thank you!

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