Barrenjoey and Palm Beach at Sunrise, Palm Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

landscapes stock photography | Barrenjoey and Palm Beach at Sunrise, Palm Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Barrenjoey and Palm Beach at Sunrise, Palm Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

When I decided not to go anywhere on Easter long weekend I made the right decision as I’m quite happy with photos I shot when I was mastering very long exposure and simple composition. I visited some of my favourite spots and some completely new places for me. Sure a lot of images went to trash bin as I was experimenting a lot, but I’ve got something to show you.

Made this photo early in the morning at the Palm Beach, the most northern of famous Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The sun was rising and beautiful hues lit the morning sky with moving clouds and the sun was shining off the silky water. It was quite nice.

Palm Beach is home to many of Sydney’s rich and famous and the ideal place to buy a weekender if you have a few million to spare. The southern end of the Palm Beach is marked as Cabbage Tree Boat Harbour on a map of 1832. Palm Beach was later named after the Cabbage Tree palms livistona australis that were near Cabbage Tree Boat Harbour. The plant’s species name gave origin to Livistona Lane, off Palm Beach Road. However if you look at the Palm Beach and Barrenjoey Headland from above or on a map it will look like a stylised palm tree as well. So many people believe (I was one of those people) that the Palm Beach was named because of the shape of the Barrenjoey Headland and the very long spit that connects Barrenjoey Head with the mainland.

The lighthouse on top of the Barrenjoey Headland was lit for the first time in 1881 and the keepers were withdrawn in 1932. In the same year the light was changed from oil to acetylene Dalen light of 6,000 candlepower. It was turned off and on by a Sun valve. And in 1972 the lighthouse was converted to electric operation, with a new lamp capable of 75,000 candlepower. At an elevation of 113 m, the white light of the Barrenjoey Lighthouse which actually looks yellow at night, can be seen by water vessels for 19 nautical miles (35 km; 22 mi). The name ‘Barrenjuee’ or ‘Barrenjoey’ means little kangaroo or wallaby. The area’s name has been spelled differently over time but Barrenjoey now being the accepted name since 1966.

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  • business travel management - April 28, 2011 - 2:39 pm

    I didn’t notice the lighthouse from afar, I look closer to your picture to see it. You got a very nice panoramic view of the beach there.

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