Beautiful Sunrise at Govett’s Leap Lookout, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, Australia

landscapes stock photography | Beautiful Sunrise at Govett

Beautiful Sunrise at Govett’s Leap Lookout, Blackheath, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW, Australia

I don’t know about other people, but I cannot live without constant flow of new information – Internet, books, TV, magazines and newspapers. Oops! Not newspapers – I hate cheap grey paper and bad typography paint. But magazines are good – good glossy paper, nice images. But there is another issue with magazines if you are subscribing them for years – you need a place to store them. You can throw away a newspaper because it’s obsolete in a week or even in a day. On other size a magazine is not a book which you want to keep for years, but you still want to keep a magazine for some time. And they are taking very valuable space inside your house. When I moved to Australia I dumped a few huge boxes with photography magazines. However I still keep a few issue and all articles by Bob Krist, Darwin Wiggett and Tim Fitzharris – I can re-read them indefinitely. The other issue with magazines is overseas delivery. One issue of the Outdoor Photographer costs about 16-20 dollars here in Australia. 1 year subscription is much cheaper, but still… delivery plus storage. Finally the solution has been found. Three month ago Zinio company started delivering the Outdoor Photographer. You can download it to your computer for offline reading. You can back it up. Zinio has offline readers for all operating systems including mobile devices like iPhone or iPad. I fully understand that the destination of a photo is a nice big print on a wall, but photos in Outdoor Photographer look truly amazing on a big screen. So there is no delivery, storage/backup is simple and it’s cheap. 1 year subscription for the Outdoor Photographer magazine costs less than 10 dollars. It’s 17 times cheaper than buying issue by issue. Highly recommended. There are other magazines on Zinio as well.

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Ilya Genkin is a Sydney, Australia photographer whose subjects include the Pacific coast, Australian outback and deserts, rainforests, lakes and rivers, urban landscapes, night photography, and more.
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  • Claus Petersen - May 17, 2011 - 9:36 pm

    Amazing light you have here, must have been beautiful in real life.

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