Gate Tower Building and Hanshin Expressway, Osaka, Japan

japan stock photography | Gate Tower Building and Hanshin Expressway, Osaka, Kansai, Honshu, Japan

Gate Tower Building and Hanshin Expressway, Osaka, Kansai, Honshu, Japan

I made this photo of the Nishi-Umeda (West-Umeda) skyscrapers in Osaka, Japan from the top floor of the Floating Garden Observatory in Umeda Sky Building. You can see the Gate Tower Building on the right and Hanshin Expressway. The Gate Tower Building is one of the wonderful buildings in Osaka. It is a 16-story office building in Fukushima-ku ward (suburb) and it was built in 1992. It is notable because Hanshin Expressway going directly through the 5th through 7th floors of the building. It has been nicknamed “beehive” referring to its appearance as a “bustling place”. The Place of crossing highway and high-rise. In Osaka, Japan’s ‘second city’, space for offices is severely limited. So limited that the Gate Tower Building had to lose the 5th, 6th and 7th floors to the Hanshin highway. The elevator passes through the floors without stopping. The highway passes through the building as a bridge, held up by supports next to the building making no contact with the building itself. The floors through which the highway passes consist primarily of elevators, stairways and similar things. The Gate Tower Building is the first building which utilises the three-dimensional road system in Japan. The Hanshin Expressway is part of a network of expressways surrounding Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, Japan.

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  • Matt@business travel companies - July 11, 2011 - 2:22 pm

    What I am proud of Osaka is that their buildings are made to withstand a strong earthquake. They also try to maintain historical landmarks.

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