Golden Gate Bridge Early in the Morning, San Francisco Bay, California, USA

united states of america stock photography | Fog Covered Golden Gate Bridge Early in the Morning, San Francisco Bay, California, USA

Fog Covered Golden Gate Bridge Early in the Morning, San Francisco Bay, California, USA

Hi Everyone!

I’m really sorry for being silent for such a long time but now I’m back home in Sydney and back online. I spent one month travelling around American Southwest: San Francisco – Yosemite National Park – Lake Mono – Death Valley National Park – Las Vegas – Bryce Canyon National Park – Capitol Reef National Park – Goblin Valley State Park – Arches National Park – Canyonlands National Park – Dead Horse Point State Park – Monument Valley – Page (Antelope Canyons, Horsebend, Rim Rocks and Stud Horse Point) – Grand Canyon National Park – Big Sur coast – San Francisco. Drove around 5150 miles (~8300 kilometres), lost 11 pounds (5 kilograms, which is quite nice), shot 14.5K images (okay, a lot of duplicates, bracketing, panoramas etc) and almost exhausted. Now I need some rest after this vacation!:)

Overall I’m quite happy with the outcome of the trip. In almost every place I visited I shot some decent photos. Except probably for the Monument Valley and the Race Track in the Death Valley. That are two big epic failures (for different reasons). But that is a good excuse to come back. I’ve got inspiration and definitely want to come back. American Southwest (and not only the Southwest!) nature and landscape is absolutely magnificent! Will definitely com back a few times!

This trip was full of nice surprises and meetings. In the Canonlands National Park I met G Dan Mitchell and Tom Till, but unfortunately we couldn’t chat. In the Lower Antelope Canyon I met Alain Briot and we had a quick (he was doing a workshop) but nice chat. Finally in San Francisco I met my long-time online friend Gleb Tarro and Kirill Krylov. Gleb and Kirill are great photographers and doing workshops in the Southwest and helped me with preparation for my trip.

Visited a few galleries: Galen Rowell, Bret Edge and Rodney Lough Jr. It’s a completely different experience to see images in large prints. I was soooo impressed!

I would like to thank the following people for their applications, guides, advises etc:

I want to finish this positive post with a few things really annoyed me last month. I’m really sorry, but I cannot be quiet.

  • Internet in hotels/motels. Owners, please note, when I pay you money for the Internet I’m signing a contract with you and not with an Internet Service Provider. I do not want to spend half an hour on a phone with ISP helpdesk. Why cafe owner can fix his free wi-fi Internet in two minutes (he doesn’t have to as it’s free and it’s complimentary to his main service – cafe), while you are sending me to helpdesk when I paid money to you. If you cannot provide this service at lest you have to make a refund. That happened a lot during this trip. If you cannot provide a service, please, don’t sell it!
  • United Airlines. Guys, you are the worst major airline carrier in the world. Certified! You are still living in a stone age. Your service is awful and I saw so many people complaining at counters about seats, service during the flights. Please check with Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand, Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airlines, Etihad Airways and Emirates and see what they call top quality service. You are sooooo way behind them so you would probably never catch them again.

Huh! I’m sorry again for the last passage but I had to say that. Anyway, as I already said I’m quite happy with the result. Now I’ll start processing photos but it will take some time so please stay tuned!

Ilya Genkin is a Sydney, Australia photographer whose subjects include the Pacific coast, Australian outback and deserts, rainforests, lakes and rivers, urban landscapes, night photography, and more.
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  • Kris Koeller - April 23, 2012 - 1:10 pm

    Awesome shot!

  • Ilya Genkin - April 24, 2012 - 7:09 am

    Hi Kris! Thanks a lot! We had a few days in SF with some nice fog so I’m quite happy not to have flat sky there. :)

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