Storm clearing over the Walls of China in Mungo National Park, NSW, Australia

landscapes stock photography | The Walls of China (Lunette) at Sunset, Mungo National Park, NSW, Australia, Image ID AU-MUNGO-0008

Right before Christmas I was looking at weather charts deciding where to go. The Mungo National Park was the only place without rain for Christmas and Boxing Day. I was there just one year ago but I decided to go there once again for a couple of days just to get a couple days without rain. I was driving all day and when we reach the Mungo National Park I was totally exhausted. But there were quite dramatic clouds in the sky so I went for sunset shooting even if I was really tired. It is very much true that the most beautiful light for photography happens at dynamic weather conditions – when weather is changing from bad to good or vice versa. Dramatic storm clouds were moving towards East and the low sunset Sun highlighted the walls of China (Lunette). It was truly magic golden hour. That was the gift from God I got for Christmas. The sunrise next day was quite nice as well. Unfortunately because the lunette is facing West there is nothing to shoot at sunrise. So I was lying in a tent watching the Sun slowly rising above horizon and highlighting clouds and landscape around. I spent two days in the Mungo National Park photographing sand formations but the next sunset was quite flat – no surprise as the clouds already moved away. However even the first sunset was worth driving 1100km.

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  • Magda - January 4, 2011 - 3:02 pm

    I was in Broken Hill a few days ago and I really wanted to go and see Mundo NP. But it was too hot and we had a hire car that wasn’t allowed on dirt roads :( But I am definitely going back to Outback NSW. it’s so empty and beautiful :)

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