Lake Dove after Sunset, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Australia

landscapes stock photography | Lake Dove after Sunset, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Lake Dove after Sunset, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Hi Everyone!

I’m back online. Just returned from my two weeks trip to Tasmania. The first time I was there in 2005-2006 years and even if I also travelled for two weeks I brought only a couple of decent images from Cradle Mountains. The photo above is one if the images from that trip. This time I brought quite a lot of nice images, but I still need to process them. Despite I had a lot of issues it was quite nice journey.

To begin with I slipped on wet rocks on Mt. Amos and slid about 3-4 meters on a very rough surface. Imagine you are polishing yourself with a very rough sand paper. But I’m fine. Got only a few scratches and bruises. Lessons learned: Never ever hike or climb without your partner or a mate who could say: “Mate, what are you doing? Don’t be a silly boy and get back to the ground.”

Next morning after that I was hospitalised due to false hart attack. I’m fine, fine. It was a false hart attack, so I’m all right. Lessons learned: Take it easy, mate! You’ll be all right.

Also lost my favourite hat in Cradle Mountains. No idea how it happened. Probably I left it somewhere on a trail when I hiked. Lessons learned: “Please take all your belongings with you when leaving the train.”

My new SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB CF card died with 500 images. I was able to recover almost all images with SanDisk RescuePRO software. Only 3 images were lost completely. But I always making duplicates of the same image, so no big deal with these 3 ones. Lessons learned: Never ever use brand new untested memory card on an important photo session. Always carefully test all cards. Also make duplicate shots (did that). Also backup as often as possible (did that – I was able to copy about 400 images before the card died. Only the last 100 images were recovered with the SanDisk RescuePro).

And to the last, almost at the end of the trip my tripod ball head nearly died. Due to strong wind my tripod fell onto rocks. The ball head was almost unusable, but with pliers and screwdriver I was able to fix it and finish shooting. It looks a bit dodgy, but still useable and still rock-solid. Thanks to PhotoClam. Lessons learned: Never underestimate power of the Mother Nature.

But it was great. I’m quite happy with the images I took and what I saw and did. Shot Liffey Falls, Russell Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Lady Baron Falls, Hobart from Mt.Wellington, Coles Bay and the Hazards, red rocks in Binalong Bay, Cradle Mountains, Tessellated Pavement, Cape Raoul, Eddystone Point Lighthouse and the Picnic Rocks in Mt.William National Park.

Visited The Wilderness Gallery in Cradle Mountains and saw Chris Bell, Rob Blakers and Ian Jeanneret. landscape prints and was absolutely fascinated. Literally can put any of their images on my wall. Got a lot of inspirations from them.

Also I met local Tasmanian photographer – Lee Henley while camping and shooting at the Picnic Rocks.

Now I’m planning my next trip to Tasmania. But this time I’ll definitely fly there.:)Spending two days driving to and back from Melbourne and having storms during both trips on Spirit of Tasmania ferry is a bit too much.:)

Now need to process all photos so stay tuned!

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