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Here is a small part of my Royalty-Free stock images collection covering business, finance, food, beverages and concept themes. All photos are available as high resolution digital camera files.

Business, Money and Finance

Black leather wallet with money. White background. Stacks and piles of gold tinted coins. Australian 1 dollar coins. Gold credit card, financial newspaper and a pen. Gold Credit Card. Closeup.
Woman in Pink is Giving a Gold Credit Card Different currencies organized as a background Stack of Credit Cards Credit Card With Chip. Closeup.
Keywords for this category: bank, banknote, bill, buying, business, cash, coin, commerce, consumer, credit card, currency, customer, debit card, dollar, e-commerce, economy, euro, finance, income, investment, money, payment, pound sterling, purchase, report, shopping, stock, success, visa

Food and Beverages

Whole and cuted tomatoes. White background. Isolated. Glass of Juice with Lemon Twist and Straw Against Tropical Sea. Center of Kiwi Fruit. Closeup. Open Aluminum Soft Drink Can With Water Drops. Closeup, Shallow DOF.
Fresh-baked croissant, cookies and cup of coffee. Shallow DOF. Focus on cup and cookies. Sliced red, yellow and green sweet bell peppers. Fresh-baked croissant, green apple, orange juice and wedges. Shallow DOF. Focus on croissant. Set of different fresh fruits. Colorful background.
Keywords for this category: apple, bakery, banana, beer, bell pepper, beverage, bread, breakfast, cafe, cake, can, capsicum, chilled, citrus, coffee, coke, cola, cold, concept, cooking, croissant, cuisine, cup, cuted, diet, drink, food, fresh, fruit, glass, grape, grapefruit, grocery, healthy, iced, ingredient, juice, juicy, kiwi, lemon, lemonade, lunch, mango, melon, morning, nectarine, nutrition, orange, pastry, peach, pepper, pepsi, pineapple, refreshment, resort, restaurant, salad, slice, soda, soft drink, sweet, tomato, tropical, vegetable


Curved Road Traffic Sign over blue sky Brown Leather Thongs on a Beach Vector Image of Sydney City Silhouette at Dawn Laptop on the Green Grass
Sydney City Against Blue Sky Blue Computer Hard Disk Post-It Note and Clip. Isolated on White with Clipping Path Sunrise Over Pacific Ocean. Square Image for Better Cropping.
Keywords for this category:
beach, concept, dream, holiday, landscape, ocean, relaxing, sand, sandals, sea, shoes, shore, sky, summer, sunny, surf, swim, travel, tropics, vacation, water

advertisement, announcement, blank, board, bulletin, bulletinboard, business, clip, empty, note, notice, office, paper, post it, reminder, stationery, sticky, todo

beach, cloud, coast, dawn, horizon, landscape, light, morning, ocean, reflection, sea, sky, sun, sunrise, water, waves

arrow, blue sky, changing, clouds, concept, direction, path, road, sign, street, traffic, transport, turn, warning, way

australia, building, business, city, cityscape, downtown, harbour, landmark, sky, skyscraper, sydney, water, sunrise, sunset, dusk, dawn

business, computer, concept, grass fild, job, laptop, meadow, mobile, notebook, outdoor, work

backup, chip, circuits, computer, data, device, digital, electronic, equipment, hard disc, hard drive, hardware, information, memory, PC, storage, technology

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