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Photographer's Statement and Biography


My name is Ilya Genkin, and I am a freelance landscape, travel and stock photographer from Sydney, Australia. I was born and raised in Almaty (Alma-Ata), Kazakhstan. I earned a degree in Computer Science from the National Technical University of Kazakhstan. I started photography back in 1980 as hobby but later then landscape photography became my true passion during mountaineering in Northern Tien-Shan, Kazakhstan. I've been inspired by beauty of the high mountains and by numerous landscape and nature photographers, from great names such as Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, John Fielder and many others. In 2004 my family and I moved to Australia and that provided a powerful spur to my photography passion. And in 2005 I completely redeveloped this website to share my work with the public.

I learned to photograph on film and I shot color negatives and transparencies. However, digital cameras have improved tremendously in recent years and offer many advantages over film both in terms of quality and in the ease of reproduction and distribution. Today, I shoot entirely digitally.

I now reside in Sydney, Australia with my lovely wife Irina, who is my truly friend and companion on all my trips and who is stoically carrying out my before-sunrise wakeups, long hikes and drives.

My Clients

The following is a small portion of publications and locations in which my images have appeared recently though my own image library or my distributors:
  • Time Magazine (USA)
  • Washington Post (USA)
  • The Telegraph (UK)
  • St.George OpenAir Cinema (Australia)
  • Channel 7 / Seven Network (Australia)
  • Channel 9 / Nine Network (Australia)
  • Bureau of Meteorology (Australia)
  • Sovereign Hill's Gold Museum (Australia)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia)
Photographer's Statement

My primary focus is landscape and travel photography. I always research locations before I get there and I always try to get to know a place before shooting and try to imagine how I would like it to appear in the final image. I enjoy waiting at a location until the light is at its best. I consider myself to be very patient when it comes to waiting for the light. I can make a couple of dozen shots just to select later only one image with the right light. I do not tire of returning to the same locations year after year, sometimes several times a year. I reconnoitre and select a place and then go back day after day to get the right shot, knowing when and where the sun or the moon will rise or set.

Landscape and travel photography for me is my very personal way to capture and to share the beauty of our world with the other people through unique images. I am continually adding new images to this site and I invite you to share my own vision of the world. And I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for having a look!

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