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Information for Students and Teachers

I receive many requests to assist students and teachers with their various educational projects. I would love to assist with each and every project but as a commercial entity I am unable to provide you with high resolution images free of charge.

Please understand that with respect, landscape and nature images are very costly to produce; there is the expense of travel, car hire, rent, specialised photographic equipment, computers, software, and time. Many photographers would probably love to donate images to assist worthy projects but rely on image licensing to provide an income to live and pay for business expenses. Additionally, over the years, photography costs have increased but the revenue from photos has decreased.

I do however want to help educational organisations and I can offer discounted educational image licensing fees to schools, universities, colleges and other educational organisations. Please see below how to apply for reduced licensing fees.

Also I do provide students and teachers with the ability to use my watermarked images displayed on my website. Students and teachers may use images for free for in-classroom projects for non-profit educational institutions. You do not need to license images for these uses, nor do you need to ask permission. This is called, "Fair Use", and you should read more about this important aspect of Copyright Law here. Please carefully read the following conditions of use for watermarked images.

Watermarked Images – conditions of use

All images contain a copyright watermark and this watermark must not be removed under any circumstance from the image.

For the purposes of assignments, Ilya Genkin Photography grants the student the right to use the watermarked images directly from this website, provided that:

  • Images may not be emailed, used on websites, or electronically transmitted in any way.
  • The watermark on the images is NOT to be removed or altered in any way.
  • Images must be captioned or footnoted, "Sourced from – This image is copyright protected".
  • The Individual digital image is deleted after use.
Please ensure that the image files are not to be copied or stored in any way to avoid any misuse of the image such as copyright infringement. These images are the livelihood of photographers. If you would like to share your assignment with us, please feel free to post us a copy.

How to apply for reduced licensing fees

Please complete the online price request form. Specify the images that you wish to license and complete the licensing request form with as many details as possible about your project. I will be in touch as soon as possible with the licensing fee for your project.