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Licensing Stock Images

All images on this site are available for commercial and editorial uses including advertising, books, magazines, brochures, newspapers, newsletters, flyers, photocopied handouts, and any website or e-mail distribution. I only license Rights Managed Images because it is a fair and practical licensing model that benefits both photographers and clients. The licensing fee for Rights Managed images is based on the way the image will be used. Rights Managed Images are more exclusive, and of a much higher standard than Royalty Free or Micro-stock images. To request a fee to use the images in your publication, please click here.

You are responsible for how images are used. If you license images that contain people or other copyrighted or trademarked items, releases may or may not be required. Since the user of the image bears responsibility for publishing images, It is up to you to determine if you need a release. Photos of artwork are for editorial use only.

How to License Images

If you wish to license an image please request stock photo price providing the following information:

the image ID number
your name and organization
phone number / email address
size and type of usage
requested rights

Once I receive this information, I will respond with a quote for the specified usage.

How are the fees for Rights Managed licensing calculated?

I make every attempt to ensure fairness when calculating image licensing fees. Rights Managed licensing fees are calculated by a number of variables including the size of image in the publication, type of publication, geographical distribution of the publication and image placement within the publication.

As each image usage can be very different from client to client, the license fees reflect this and are often different for each project. Therefore, in order to obtain the correct licensing fee, clients first need to select the desired images and either email the details to me directly, or use a form on this website to request fee to complete the online licensing request. I will contact you as soon as possible with the licensing fee quote and organise the image download.

I endeavor to work within your budget wherever possible and offer a personalised service to help you through the licensing process.

Do you offer exclusive rights?

Exclusive licensing rights protects your image from being licensed to anyone else and the fee is determined by the territories included in the license and the time frame (e.g. Worldwide for 2 years or Europe for 1 year).

Most clients choose Non-Exclusive licensing rights because it is the cheaper alternative. Managed Rights Images by the nature of the licensing model, are generally more unique. It is very unlikely that the same image would be used in the same way by two competing businesses.

Who can license images?

Image licensing is available to all registered businesses, such as advertising agencies, book and magazine publishers, marketing consultants, calendar, poster, and greeting card companies, newspapers, government bodies and commercial entities.

Where can images be used?

Images can be licensed for a variety of uses: billboards, display, books, magazines, DVDs and CD covers, bookmarks, calendars, newspapers, advertising, letterheads and business cards, website headers, etc.

Images can be licensed for almost every imaginable purpose.

Image Resolution and Delivery

I provide images electronically as high resolution digital files and these can be made available within a few hours of ordering. All of our high quality image files are at least 55mb (approx A3 @ 300dpi), with 90% are available at a larger size. However as I personally process each order individually, I will supply your ordered images at the size correct for your publication, as this produces the best results. For example, the size typically required for online usage is less than 1mb, so supplying a 55mb file would be superfluous and therefore small files will be supplied via e-mail. Large images will be supplied (where appropriate) via the free download program "YouSendIt". I can also upload images to a client's ftp server or place them on my website for exclusive download, though I find sending files via YouSendIt to be the most straight forward.

I supply images in jpeg format with maximum quality (lowest compression) and AdobeRGB color space. Every image is also available in 8 and 16bit tiff. If you should require this format please contact me after you have purchased the image and I will make arrangements to ftp it to you.

All orders will be turned around in 24 hours or less. If you need images urgently please contact us and this can be arranged. There is no cost associated with this request.

$49 Web Resolution Images License

All rights-managed and royalty-free images on this web-site can be licensed for just $49 - including editorial shots, illustrations and stock photos. Images have 800 x 530 pixels size. This size is an estimate based on a typical horizontal image. Panorama images are 900 pixels wide. Duration of use is up to one year for rights-managed images and unlimited usage for royalty-free images.

These images are ideal for use in:
  • Promotional emails
  • Corporate or promotional websites
  • Web advertisements and banners
  • Intranets and web applications
  • Other online projects


Australian customers:
Licensing fees can be paid by wire transfer to Australian bank account or credit card via PayPal.

USA, Canada and other non-Australian customers:
Licensing fees can be paid by credit card via PayPal only. Unless wire transfer is made from Australian bank account.


Please choose carefully as all licensing sales are final and no refunds are available as digital images are delivered once payment is received.

Rights-Managed License (RM) vs. Royalty-Free License (RF)

Rights-Managed licensing, or "RM", is priced for a specific use based on factors such as length of use; type of use; number of insertions; size; number of impressions or displays; geographic region; etc. This type of licensing allows stricter control over an image's use. For some photos lacking a model or property release rights-managed licensing is needed to make sure it is not used for advertising because the image lacks a model release or property release.

Royalty-Free licensing, also known as "RF", is a very broad-use license that does not require additional payments for additional uses. The amount of time an image may be used is generally unlimited. There are almost always restrictions to use; these vary but the most common limitation is on re-licensing the image. Price is almost always based on the pixel-size of the image.

"Comping" and Preview Use

You can save preview images from this site as comping files. These files can be used free of charge if they are used only for personal, non-commercial use and solely for test or sample purposes. Comping files may be used to take a closer look at a particular image or to create materials for proofing presentations to clients. Comping files are not licensed for use in final projects, whether for internal or external use. Copyright watermark information on comping files must be untouched.

Non-Profit Organisations

Images for non-profit organisations and non-for-profit projects are available at discounted educational image licensing fees. Please read more about that here.

In-class Educational Uses

Students and teachers may use images for free for in-classroom projects for non-profit educational institutions. You do not need to license images for these uses, nor do you need to ask permission. This is called, "Fair Use", and you should read more about this important aspect of Copyright Law here. Detailed information for students and teachers on how to use image and discounted fee can be found here.