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Fine Art Landscape, Travel and Stock Photography by Ilya Genkin

Welcome! This website is a collection of my landscape, travel, nature and scenic photos and pictures from all over Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries. Enjoy browsing through my digital stock library. I offer rights managed landscape, nature and travel stock photography as well as licenses for stock photos. My images are available in mediums such as high resolution files and quality fine art prints. Here, you may:

Fine Art Prints

  • Print sizes from 12" to 47" wide
  • High, professional quality
  • Custom prints and bigger sizes are available on request
  • Free shipping within Australia
License Images

All my pictures are available as stock photography for commercial and editorial uses including websites, books, magazines, brochures and advertising, covering wide range of subjects such as business and finance, food and beverages, lifestyle, industry and concepts. Prices are negotiated for each particular use depending on the size, location and duration of the use. Each photo is quality controlled and processed by me. After we reach a license agreement your pictures will be available as high-resolution files for almost immediate download or will be sent via e-mail or CD/DVD. By buying quality stock photos and stock photography directly from the photographer you are saving money and supporting the photographer at the same time! I'm able to sell high quality travel, nature and landscape related stock photography directly. Pictures you can buy here are as good as the images you can buy from the stock agencies. If you buy images directly from me you are cutting your costs by eliminating a middle-man so you are saving your money and you are also supporting the stock photographer. I offer rights managed stock photos but my pricing model is much simpler and more affordable (no stock agency margin) than the licensing model used by most stock photography websites. If you still prefer to deal with stock photography agencies you can license my travel and landscape images via a few major stock agencies like Getty and Alamy. Also I've got a collection of royalty-free stock imagery available via major royalty-free photo libraries. Also I've got a collection of royalty-free stock imagery available via major photo libraries.

Many of my stock images are used in high profile calendars as well as for tourism advertisement. I'm trying to bring my new travel pictures online as fast as I can, but it is impossible to bring them all online at once as I want to make sure that all images are captured well with travel information. Please ask me when you cannot find the pictures you are looking for. I answer your request quickly and efficiently so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail or call me.


News and Events

21 October 2012

Officially announcing that any of the photos in my large collection can be made into black and white works of art. Please check the black and white conversion page how to get black and white prints from me.


1 September 2012

I'm happy to present my new Long Exposure Calculators iPad/iPhone app that is now available for download at the iTunes App Store.

LExp or Long Exposure Calculators is an iPhone and iPod touch application and it is a collection of different calculators and cheat sheets (including well known and quite popular ND Filters Long Exposure Quick Reference Charts and Cheat Sheets) created to help photographer with shooting long exposures with Neutral Density (ND) filters, in low light and at night. Application includes:

  • ND8/1000 Filters Cheat Sheet
  • Neutral Density (ND) Filters Cheat Sheet
  • Calculator for stacking Neutral Density (ND) Filters
  • Shooting Flowing Water Cheat Sheet
  • Shooting Fireworks Cheat Sheet
  • Calculator for shooting under Moonlight
  • Calculator for shooting star-trails
  • Calculator for shooting still/non-moving stars
  • Useful resources and links on low-light and night photography
More info on Long Exposure Calculators App page. Also the ND Filters Long Exposure Quick Reference Charts have been updated with new charts.

A few new galleries for American Southwest landscape and nature photos have been created:

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8 July 2012

I'm constantly adding images to my fine-art and stock photography collection. A few new galleries have been created:

Also if you want to improve your photography skills in landscape and nature photography have a look at my recommended books pages on Landscape, Nature, Outdoor and Scenic Photography, Night and Low-Light Photography, Panoramic Photography, Black and White Photography, Travel Photography, Wildlife Photography and General Subjects of Photography.


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