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New South Wales (NSW), Australia


Wentworth is a small border town in the far south west of the state of New South Wales, Australia. Wentworth was named after the New South Wales explorer and politician William Charles Wentworth. The area was proclaimed a municipality on January 23, 1879. Wentworth is the region's oldest settlement located at the junction of Australia's two largest rivers, the Darling and the Murray, the latter forming the border with the state of Victoria to the south. The border with the state of South Australia lies approximately 100 km to the west.

Wentworth Gaol was an Australian prison located in Wentworth, New South Wales. It was constructed between 1879 and 1881 and operated until 1927. Wentworth Gaol is the oldest of the Australian designed gaols and many gaols in New South Wales were either based on its design or had elements copied from it, including Hay Gaol, Dubbo Gaol and Long Bay Gaol. Wentworth Gaol was designed by John Barnett. Wentworth Gaol was temporarily re-used in 1962 when riots in Mildura prompted the need to utilise the cells at Wentworth. The building is classified by the National Trust as being essential to Australia's heritage as its best example of a small gaol of the Victorian era in NSW. On display is the Morrison Collection of Australiana including bottles, antiques and artifacts. Open: Mon-Sat 10am-5pm.

Wentworth retains many historic buildings, including the Old Gaol, the Courthouse, the Convent and the Customs House (now a private residence). Snake Island is the name given to the sandy shoal between the two rivers. A canoe tree is located nearby and the area is a nature reserve, rich in flora, wildlife and birdlife.

Perry Sand-hills (dunes) situated 6 km west of Wentworth just off the Old Renmark Road, the red, sandy dunes reach heights of 20 m and are remnants of past geological times. The area has separate conservation and recreational areas set aside, where off-road vehicles can be used.