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Darling Harbour

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Darling Harbour is a locality of the city centre of Sydney, Australia. It is a large recreational and pedestrian precinct that is situated on western outskirts of the Sydney central business district. It extends northwards from Chinatown, along both sides of Cockle Bay to King Street Wharf on the east, and to the suburb of Pyrmont on the west. Cockle Bay is just one of the waterways that makes up Darling Harbour, which opens north into the much larger Port Jackson.

Darling Harbour is intended to be one of Sydney's 'buzz' places, although some visitors find it lacking in character (and greenery). A former dockside area, the small harbour has been transformed into a major tourist site and leading convention and exhibition centre. A monorail service runs from the Central Business District to Darling Harbour and skirts the harbour, making stops at points around the harbour. Until now, Darling Harbour has been a place that has appealed more to little folk, due to the number of children's attractions, but the advent of the Cockle Wharf restaurant and cafe complex has added a new dimension to Darling Harbour.

Darling Harbour is named after Lieutenant-General Ralph Darling, who was Governor of New South Wales from 1825 to 1831. It was originally part of the commercial port of Sydney, including the Darling Harbour Railway Goods Yard. During the Great Depression, the eastern part of Darling Harbour (Barangaroo) became known as The Hungry Mile, a reference to the waterside workers searching for jobs along the wharves.

Darling Harbour precinct is home to a number of major public facilities and attractions, including: Harbourside Shopping Centre, Sydney Entertainment Centre, Paddy's Markets, Sydney's Chinese Gardens, Tumbalong Park, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australian National Maritime Museum, Star City Casino, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Aquarium, The LG IMAX theatre, Sydney Wildlife World and Aboriginal Centre.