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The Grampians National Park (Gariwerd)

Victoria, Australia


The Grampians National Park (Gariwerd) is a national park in Victoria, Australia, 235 kilometres west of Melbourne. The Park was listed on the Australian National Heritage List on 15 December 2006 for its outstanding natural beauty and being one of the richest indigenous rock art sites in south-eastern Australia.

The Grampians are a series of five spectacular sandstone ridges running north to south with steep and craggy slopes on the eastern side and gentler slopes to the west. They are the result of earth movements lifting and tilting the hard sandstones creating an impressive landscape of peaks and valleys. There are lookouts with stunning panoramic views as well as a number of picturesque waterfalls.

The Grampians National Park (Gariwerd) is one of the richest Indigenous rock art sites in south-eastern Australia and was listed on the National Heritage for its natural beauty and its past and continuing aboriginal cultural associations. Motifs painted in numerous caves include depictions of humans, human hands, animal tracks and birds. Notable rock art sites include: Billimina (Glenisla shelter), Jananginj Njani (Camp of the Emu's Foot), Manja (Cave of Hands), Larngibunja (Cave of Fishes), Ngamadjidj (Cave of Ghosts) and Gulgurn Manja (Flat Rock). The rock art was created by Jardwadjali and Djab Wurrung peoples, and while Aboriginal communities continue to pass on knowledge and cultural traditions, much indigenous knowledge has also been lost since European settlement of the area from 1840.

The Reed Lookout offers the stunning views over the Victoria Valley, Lake Wartook and the Mt Difficult Range. This area and the Balconies walk are also wonderful for wildflowers during spring. The Balconies lookout is one of the region's greatest attractions, two sandstone rocks jutting from a cliff face, nicknamed the Jaws of Death. The Balconies are a great place to take in views to the Victoria Valley. The Reed Lookout and the Balconies are magnificent locations for taking early misty morning, and romantic sunset evening photographs. The Boroka Lookout is one of the best lookouts in the Grampians. From the carpark a very short walk to the lookout platform offers spectacular 180 degree views out over the countryside to the north and east and over Halls Gap and Lake Bellfield to the south - spectacular view of the Wonderland and Mt William Ranges and the picturesque village of Halls Gap nestled between the mountain ranges. Pick out Lake Lonsdale, Lake Fyans and see Stawell in the distance. A great bird's eye view of Halls Gap and the Elephant Hide. Best visited at sunrise.

The MacKenzie Falls is one of the most popular spots in the Grampians and Victoria's largest Waterfall. As the River is Horsham's Water supply, there is always a good flow of water over the falls. There is actually a series of waterfalls, with MacKenzie Falls being the largest. A gentle stroll takes you to a viewing platform overlooking Broken Falls. A recently completed track enables you to more easily descend to the base of the spectacular MacKenzie Falls, where you can enjoy the cool atmosphere. A great photographic opportunity. On the way down Cranages Lookout enables you appreciate the Mackenzie River Gorge. The return walk is quite strenuous - take it easy. It flows all year round, but is best viewed between June and October. It's just in about forty minutes drive from Halls Gap on the Mount Victory Road.

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