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Flinders Ranges

South Australia (SA), Australia


Wilpena Pound is a magnificent crater-like natural amphitheatre of mountains located 430 kilometres (267 mi) north of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia in the heart of the Flinders Ranges National Park.

With rugged mountain scenery, peaceful gorges and a huge array of wildlife and flora, the Flinders Ranges National Park is recognised as one of the finest landscapes in Australia. Highlights include walks to Rawnsley Bluff, Wilpena Lookout, Ferntree Falls and Clem Corner, plus Aboriginal art sites at Arkaroo Rock and Sacred Canyon.

It is claimed that the word 'wilpena' means 'place of bent fingers' or 'cupped hand' in the local Aboriginal dialect. 'Pound' is an old English word that means 'an enclosure for animals', which was how the pound was in fact used by early pastoralists. Today, the Adnyamathanha people translate the word Wilpena as Ikara meaning 'meeting place'. The Aboriginal Dreamtime story tells that two giant serpents 'Akurra' (or 'Arkaroo') created Wilpena Pound ('Ikara'). The walls of the Pound are the bodies of the 'akurra' and the head of the male serpent forms St Mary Peak, the highest peak in the Flinders Ranges at 1170m, and Beatrice Hill is the head of the female serpent. The Arkaroo has given origin of name to places in this region, namely Arkaroola Village, Arkaroola Creek, Arkaroola Springs and the Arkaroo Rock in Wilpena Pound.

Cazneaux Tree is located off the Blinman Road this is one of the most famous trees in Australia. Photographed by Harold Cazneaux in 1937 and called 'The Spirit of Endurance' it was reproduced on calendars and posters all over the world.

Bunyeroo Valley is one of the many highlights in the spectacular Flinders Ranges. A scenic road with multiple lookouts goes through the Bunyeroo Valley. The Razorback Lookout provides one of the best views of the Bunyeroo Valley and Heysen Range in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

Brachina Gorge is an impressive gorge which meanders between sharp ridges. It is located north of Wilpena Pound off the main road to Blinman and is characterised by precambrian and cambrian rocks with extensive fossils. It was once used as a pass by bullock teams. The Brachina Gorge Geological Trail is a 20km self-guided trail that passes through 130 million years of earth history and features a series of details interpretive maps and signage providing an insight into past climates, the formation of the ranges and the evolution of early forms of life. Brachina Gorge is one of the Flinders Ranges National Park's most popular and spectacular tourist attractions. The trail is best travelled east to west, commencing at the Brachina Gorge/Blinman Road intersection.

Arkaroo Rock is located in about 15 km from Wilpena. There is a car park at the foot of Arkaroo Rock. The walking trail from the car park takes about 1-2 hours but the rock walls have some very fine Aboriginal art including red ochre images of emu and bird tracks, snake lines, circles and leaves.

Moralana Scenic Drive connects the Wilpena Pound and Leigh Creek Roads and this is one of the best drives through the Flinders Ranges. You will see stunning scenery featuring the southern wall of Wilpena Pound, Black Gap Lookout, red Range, Elder Range and more.

Parachilna (population seven) is an outback town from central casting, with its colonial stone pub, dusty main street and views to the distant horizon. It is located 490 kilometres north of Adelaide. Parachilna is the perfect base from which to explore the Flinders Ranges. The awe-inspiring landscape has attracted many filmmakers but in more recent years the main lure as been The Prairie Hotel's fabulous feral food: kangaroo, goat, camel, emu, yabbies, quandongs, bush tomatoes and the delicious saltbush mutton, known locally as 'dig'.