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Bunjil's Aboriginal Art Shelter

Stawell, Victoria (VIC), Australia


Bunjil Aboriginal Art Shelter is one of the most important aboriginal rock art sites in the region of Grampians and The Pyrenees. This site depicts Bunjil, the traditional creator of the land, and his two dingoes. Bunjil was known as a good spirit who created things as they are today and gave the tribes their law and culture.

Bunjil is a principal legendary hero, the creator who provides for all and remains as a protector of the natural world, his people and their beliefs. When Bunjil finished his creation works he transformed into an eagle, flying high into the sky, where he still lives today. Bunjil appears in many of the creation stories of the Aboriginal people of south eastern Australia and known by different names across this area.

Traditional Owners from Gariwerd area, Wimmera region and south-west Victoria have links to this site. This is the only rock-art painting of Bunjil known. It is widely regarded as one of the most significant cultural sites in south eastern Australia and one of the most prominent Aboriginal rock-art sites in Victoria.

The Bunjil's Shelter located in Black Range Forest in about 11km south of Stawell off the signposted road to Pomonal. A short 10 minute walk leads to a rock shelter painting which illustrates the legendary hero Bunjil, the creator, who, according to the dreaming, provided all needs, and his two dingoes.

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