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Ngamadjidi Shelter - Aboriginal Rock Art Site

Grampians National Park (Gariwerd), Victoria (VIC), Australia


Ngamadjidi Shelter is aboriginal rock art site located in Grampians National Park (Gariwerd) in Victoria, Australia.

Ngamadjidj means 'white-person', and refers to the white figures in the art at the site. Ngamadjidj is the only art site in Gariwerd that solely features white figures. Ngamadjidj aboriginal rock art site depicts the dancing spirit with white painted figures. Remains of campfires and stone tools were found here. The paintings at this site are unusual in the fact that they were only done with white clay. Little is known of the meaning of the paintings.

Some knowledge of the symbols and drawings in Gariwerd remains with the Aboriginal community, but much has been lost due to the impact of European settlement.

Ngamadjidi Aboriginal Rock Art Site is located on the western side of the Staplyton Campground near a small secluded waterhole. The walk from the car park to Ngamadjidj Shelter is short and suitable for people with limited mobility.

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